Police said Wednesday night’s shooting unfolded about an hour

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canada goose sale outlet Many of his Facebook friends were black.Court documents show Roof was arrested on two separate occasions at a shopping mall this year for a drug offense and trespassing. And two school districts where he attended high school have no records of him ever graduating.His mother, Amy, declined to comment when reached by phone.”We will be doing no interviews, ever,” she said before hanging up.The suspect was carrying a handgun when confronted by police who pulled him over in North Carolina after a report that he had been sighted there, but Roof surrendered and was taken into custody without incident, said Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen.Police said Wednesday night’s shooting unfolded about an hour after Roof joined a small Bible study group in the church, welcomed apparently as the only white participant, and suddenly opened fire on the victims as they sat together.Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of Pinckney, told MSNBC that a survivor told her the gunman reloaded five times during the attack despite pleas for him to stop.”He just said, ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country’,” Johnson said. canada goose sale outlet

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