Usually, these figures come with other parts, such as other

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canada goose Another statue that is becoming more popular is called a nendoroid. Created by one of the major figure producers and distributors, Good Smile Company, nendoroids are petite versions of characters. Usually they come at about 4 inches tall, making them very small. They are created in a chibi style, with their heads usually about a third the size of the entire figure. What makes them unique is that their parts are interchangeable, and they can be moved into different poses. Usually, these figures come with other parts, such as other faces, arms, legs, or clothing. These pieces snap into the statue, making it easy to change them. Their joints are moveable as well, so you can move them into your favorite position! These toys are cheaper than the PVC scaled figures. They usually start from about $25USD and go to around $60USD (at most). canada goose

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